Audio Snapshot 5:50AM

Santa Rosa de Dinamarca is waking up or is already awake. The cricket like creatures and tree frogs continue their song unaffect by the growing day light. It is a dull blue gray in our mosquitera. I can still hear the squeeks of what may be a rat, but we are unsure or its true identity. I blow my nose in an old shirt, tissues are somewhat of a luxury out hear. For those that know me well, my nasal blast resembles something between a trumpet and an enraged elephant and has been known to silence a crownd by its awe inspiring volume. It also is a sign we might be awake and ready to recieve the already energized little ones… “how you?, howayou? crease, howayou?” followed by my response of “uh tired”, (we were sure to teach them this word!) …a slight pause… I hear a lancha (the boat we took the the village) powering up the rio ucayali just a quater mile away, popping, poluting, unmuffled… you can imagine the 6 hour ride to the village…

Now comes a new call, for they know my only-english-responses are laking compared to my partner. “Na-ta-lee, Nata-leee.”

The chatting of children begins, broken by giggles and the scurrying of feet. There is a far off sound of talking and restuling of metal, it may be pans for breakfast. A rooster calls twice and my favorite bired can be heard in the distance. It is a sound like a parakeet falling down a well while hicuping…that is my best reccount of the facinating sound. More sounds of children and a far off “Nata-lee” is called for an unknown reason.

Despite all the sounds it is rather quiet and the highly sought after Na-ta-lee, rustles only slightly at the calls for her presense, she continues to sleep.

One Response to “Audio Snapshot 5:50AM”
  1. Casey Thomas says:

    oh man chris, i like these entries. audio snapshot. its so funny how annoyed you are by the kids… i was the total opposite. annoyed by the adults, preferring to spend my time with the children in cusco. its good that you are recording these memories too… tastes, smells, sounds. these are the best of them.

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