What is the Goal?

What is our goal as a people? Is there a certain way of life that is most harmonious with this planet and it´s inhabitants? Ought there be many different cultures? Besides it looking and sounding nice, to what benifit is a multicultural earth?

There are too many people to live an United Statian lifestyle, and people seem to be unable to truely flourish in the poorer countries in the world. If everyone has the same opportunity the rich must become dramatically poorer and the poorer culture will seemingly become the norm, save the critically poor and the homeless. Even a reduction from the ultra wealthy to middleclass will allow many more people to live healtheir lives with more opportunities, but this is temporary for as the population of the planet rises more and more people will have to live on less and less, even if money and capital are no longer used.

So, do we let people die or do we save everyone? Let the poor die off, as cruel as it sounds, and the “elite” of Earth, as a tribute to their sacrifice, will adopt a sustainable livlihood so that no one will ever have to live a life of hunger and disopportunity again… -or- Save everyone, reap the benifits of a momentary peace-on-earth, increased opportunity allows for increased competition and thus jobs will go to the most suited and educated, increasing the porduction, inovation, and invention of things. Perhaps even allowing us transporation to more Earth-like worlds or possibilities of increasing te caring capaciting of THIS Earth.

Either way it is asking a lot of a lot of people and putting possibilities in the position of actualities if we were to adopt either route. And further, these are two extremely generalized ideas, argueable and debatable to no end… My point does not depend on the likely hood of either, however. The mere consideration of such things encapsulates the idea which is floating in the atmospheric netherworld of my mind, and so I continue, as a thought experiment alone, to illustrate the dilema of choosing in regards to our interactions with others.

Considering both of the above are equally as possible or impossible, what remains is the necessity of change for the detrimental state of the planet and it´s inhabitants are not in question.

For what goal ought we strive? To strive for change alone is not a task but a contrinuation of the inevitable, and so directino seems to be of importance, yet direction, or perhaps firm direction is what we lack as a people.

Living in harmony with nature seems a must regardless and putting everyone too quickly into equal positions surely would result in civil distress or war as compeition among each other would be EVERYTHING.

The Shipibo show me clearly that one can live, well or otherwise, differently than Europeans, United Statians, and other noteably “progressive” or “developed” peoples. Influence of these people and continued economic stimulus has seemingly began to break these people and undoubtably others like them, of their time honored traditions of living with the land. It is still present but perhaps street lamps, powerlines, and TV´s as brought by good natured groups like engineers without borders are not as helpful as we think. It has benifites, certainly, but is it the wants of the Shipibo that brought these things, or is it a covert byproduct of a global economy hungry for new consumers? For a world that supposedly strives for diversity and honors cultures, as so many groups and organizations, both governmental and not, boast, we are distroying the diversity and otherness of those peoples and cultures faster and faster.

It is true that acceptance of difference comes easily after assimilation. Perhaps the “different just like everyone else” mantra is philosophy of the developed world…

Surely European cutlery did not make its way into the rainforest because the shipibo wanted or thought it was better or more efficient… indeed a fork, chopsticks, the fingers, etc, are all quite good at picking up food…


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