An introduction to art

We were invited into Bertha´s mother´s house (a quick walk on a small path through some trees to the adjacent yard), where we were greeted with a hut full of people and a full display of artesanía laid out on a tarp on the dirt floor. Months of weaving and intricate stitching represented by four skirts and about 10 servietas (or the English equivalent of a placemat).

To see such detail is inspiring. On one piece of handwoven cotten (made from cotton that grows here that is pulled into thread), is stitched a pattern to be lost in, a design that surely has method, but to my admiring eye is only a puzzle. I have asked Bertha serveral times how she knows how to create such a pattern, but have received no answer in response, (either because she doesn´t understand the question, she doesn´t know how to answer, she chooses not to divulge her secrets, or maybe there is no answer).

However, upon talking to don Fransisco, one of the best conversationalists I´ve met thus far, I was perhaps given an explanation. Piri piri, he said, is a medicinal plant used for many things, one of which is to inspire. Something he himself did not really believe until he saw it for himself.

A liquid is made from the plant (I think by boiling), extracting its medicinal qualities, and then a couple drops, only a couple small drops are placed in each eye. Both his daughter and son have received this treatment and from it have learned. His daughter now knows how to embroider the intricate designs. She was shown how by visions given by the plants. His son is now an excellent hunter.

Perhaps that is where the secret lies. To me, after seeing the inexplicable patterns, it seems a plausible answer.

One Response to “An introduction to art”
  1. heliopath says:

    man, thats crazy. i guess i too can’t believe till i saw for myself. i like it tho. Nature wants us to create art!

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