Never enough time to hang out and do nothing

It´s almost impossible to find time to write here, and definitely impossible to write all that I want (which is interesting in itself because nothing is ever happening here – the other day I asked Bernardo if he had any plans for the afternoon and as a response received a puzzled expression and a slow ´nooo´).

This morning we woke up to Bertha asking us if we had S/.10 to buy plátanos for our breakfast [note: plátanos, sliced and fried in a bit of oil is truly delicious]. Our diez soles bought at least 30 plátanos, fresh off the tree, still on the stalk.

After breakfast of rice, plátanos and a fried egg with coffee, we went off to teach class for the second day (A review of My name is, pronunciation, and question words, and than an introduction of subject pronouns, the verb ´to be´, numbers 0-10, and some classroom vocabulary words. Teach here is different than in the US. I don´t know what kind of teaching style actual teachers have. I am applying ideas from teaching SPanish, but I don´t know how well they are working. We´ll see on Thursday when we teach next. We are going to play some games to get the class more involved. Motly the students are very quiet and while some definitely understand, others simply repeat the question you are asking them…which actually come to think about it, is not much different than an introductory Spanish class.

After class, (which was incredibly tiring, probably due to the fact that Chris and I both felt terrible yesterday –not used to the food I guess– now we´ve asked for a vegetarian diet!) we sat on ´our´ bench. It´s a piece of wood hung between two trees and incredibly enjoyable in the morning and early afternoon before the very hot sun hits it.

We weren´t resting for long though when Mary, Bertha´s neice, came over with the jewelry she has made. All jewelry here is based off of seeds that are food here, strung on a string or fishing line and interspersed sometimes with small glass beads, which (considering the 10 types of seeds and all the colorful beads) makes for infinite and beautiful deisgns. Sometimes the designs even include pieces of fish bones and seashells.

I think most older women here have a collection of jewelry that they have made (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, sometimes earrings) that they are eager to sell. I think some of them bring their artistry to Pucallpa to sell, although I don´t know how much of a market there is since it seems like women from all around bring all their similar jewelry there as well.


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