Kids and their games

Children here seem to infinitely play, from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. Below is a list compiled over all the time we were there.

What I have seen Shipibo children playing with in Dinamarca:

-an orange
-a marble
-a puzzle
-a mini futbol
-giant leaves
-pieces of a box racing on their butts like a car
-leaves cut and put on twigs so that they become moving propellers when they run
-a beautiful airplane made from twigs and propeller leaves
-birds they catch in traps they´ve made out of twigs
-kites they´ve made with plastic bags, sticks, and string
-their fathers/older brothers/neighbors fishing boots
-a hammock made from a small blanket and string
-balancing on old dirty glass bottles (tanquery, absolut, where did they find those?)
-a bike tire
-a flat volleyball
-a not flat volleyball (we watched two girls teams play…they were incredible at it!!)
-a piece of paper dragged on a string
-two sticks arranged into a T shape to use as a horse for battles
-buckets of water
-a boats in a river in the street from the rain storm
-sandcastles out of dirt
-chasing each other pretending to be monsters
-flowers that whistle when blown into
-homemade jumprope
-parrot on a string that talks (corre corre caballero)
-pieces of kites once their kite has been broken
-piece of a kite tied to a stick
-an oil drum
-a wheelbarrow, good for rides
-pretending to be a parrot in the tree
-calling names out loud and laughing (particularly funny when its our names)
-a machete
-their bodies, in the rain, slip n´sliding, naked in the mud


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