Viajes a Perú

Hola, como estás?!

I am sitting in the airport in Lima. I have just awaken from a wonderful nap on a plether bench. Sleep was infrequent and spotty on the planes but Natali managed to get a few hours in, and so here we are sleepy but excited, still virgin to peruvian air. Natali got a few options for travel to Pucallpa via a sleepy “prom peru” tourist information booth attendent. As we debate our potion and peruse over our travel guides, we are beginning to awaken to what the next 5 months may have in store.

The Costa del Sol Ramada stands across from us, behind 2 floors of windows and a small street. As of now, this, and our seat neighbor Johnny on the Atlanta to Lima flight are the only bits of Peru available to me for processing. That and teh echoing chatter of the Lima airport.

Johnny is a house painter, oddly enough, working in NYC to support his wife and three year old. He comes in July for his child´s birthday and in December for the holidays. He is a native of Lima and recommended we don´t go into the jungle, we do try ceviche, and we do go to a festival. His english is good but he speaks quietyly and often falls into a mumble. Still, his friendliness is a welcoming testament to the hospitality Natali and I have heard about.

Finally, the exchange rate is weaker than we expected. 2.81 nuevo soles to 1 USD. We expected 3 or better, but our countries current economic decline has had some effects, noticable abroad. Costs in the airport are high and similar to the US. I just drank a gatorade that cost 7 soles, or about 2.50 USD.

We are going to check our the library and maybe get some recommended Chifa, a peruvian staple, (chinese – peruvian food), in central lima. It´s a 2 mile walk before we depart on our 20 hour bus ride to pucallpa. Here we go.

One Response to “Viajes a Perú”
  1. Chris's MOM says:

    HiSo glad to hear from you both…….such an adventure already…….the prayer flags in our yard blow good energy to you both everyday! Be safe and enjoy!! MUCH LOVE!!!

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